Create Career-Enhancing Opportunities

Through presentations on current macro themes, business competitions and exclusive networking sessions with leading figures in the investment banking industry, we aim to maximise opportunities for our attendees to build their professional network and acquire the technical knowledge necessary to excel within related sectors.

Deliver Global, World Class Exposure

By engaging our attendees with employees from firms and investment banks with vast network of international offices, we are able to provide in-depth exposure not only to the local UK market, but also industry developments on a global scale.

Interactive Engagement

By allowing our attendees to be actively involved in Q&A sessions during presentations, competitions, we hope to create an interactive environment which will facilitate efficient and high quality learning.

Our Team

Takaaki Sagawa


Pavan Rao


David Lee


Finance Team

Kirill Agevnin

Finance Director

Chan Chun Yip

Finance Executive


Finance Executive

Content Team

Horace Cheng

Content Co-Director

Eunice Ong

Content Co-Director

Lucy Jackson

Content Executive

Operations Team

Clara Ng Chai Lin

Operations Director

Jie Yi

Operations Executive