M&A modeling workshop

Join this hands-on session covering the basic steps of analyzing an acquisition.

What will you learn?

  • Big picture: what is the transaction impact on acquirer and target shareholders?
  • Preparing key acquisition data
  • Building a flexible funding structure
  • Modeling acquisition adjustments
  • Calculating the accretion / dilution effects of the deal
  • Understanding the significance of relative P / Es
  • Calculating and understanding contribution analysis
  • Credit issues and leverage ratios
  • The strategic implication of different financing alternatives
  • Synergies and synergies needed to break even
  • Proforma balance sheet
  • Sensitivity and scenario analysis


  • Online recording: Merger analysis and modeling
  • Quick quiz: M&A analysis and modeling fundamentals

What to bring?

You need to bring a Windows-based laptop to the training with Excel and Adobe installed on your system to access course files. Our teaching materials are designed for PCs and not Mac based systems.